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The Binvested Buyers Agency

A lot of time and expertise is needed to sell a house…but that’s the easy part. 

Finding the right property without paying too much is the tough part!

If sellers use agents, why shouldn’t buyers too? 

It might sound strange at first, but hear us out. Hopefully, you will see it makes complete financial sense.  

Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

A buyer’s agent will take the burden off your shoulders and make finding the right property easy. 

A buyer’s agent will protect you against money sucking traps, and get the best outcome for you. 

Here are just some of the benefits; 

- Save time and energy 

- Get peace of mind in expert hands

- Get an edge over other the competition

 - Tap into a wide network of selling agents and properties 

- Get the best price and potentially saved $1,000’s! 

- Remove the guesswork from buying property  

Some Of Our Past PIA Deals

What Does Our Buyers Agency Do For You?

The best way to describe our buyer’s agency service is to think of it like a concierge service for your property portfolio. 

We will support you every step of the way, and facilitate your needs from research to settlement. 

We’ll remove the stress and guesswork, so you can move on and focus on what’s important to you.  

Choose Your Flavour

We've got two buyers agency divisions, which cater to different needs. 

PIA - Property Investment Agents

This service locates individual established properties. These properties often have an affordable price point and a quick settlement turn around period. 

This is our primary service and attracts our lowest fees. 

LOL - Life Of Luxury

Thie service is geared towards home buyers and advanced investors. The properties offered can include land, new dwellings and large allocations of existing dwellings. Settlement periods are often longer on these deals. 

These properties are often negotiated in bulk, allowing us to negotiate great prices. 

These deals require a lot more work to execute, and hence we charge a premium fee. 

Learn more about our LOL premium service here.

The PIA Buyers Agency Process

Each PIA client and deal is unique and we tailor our service to fit your situation. However, from start to finish the process generally takes 6 to 7 weeks.  

Here is an idea of what you can expect from our PIA service.  

Step 1: Research

We constantly research the market and locate areas of potential before they become hot spots – because then it’s too late!  

We then assess individual properties to find cost effective, investment grade established properties which match your strategic needs for capital growth, cash flow and budget.  

Step 2: Property Analysis and Review

After careful internal analysis of your situation and needs, we present you with the right property for your investment needs. A detailed cash flow analysis and statistical report will accompany each property we present so that you can make an informed decision.  

Step 3 : Secure A Property 

We will work with you and the selling agent to place a successfully secure your property. We will facilitate the exchange of contracts between all involved parties, making sure things run smoothly.  

Step 4: Cool Off / Clause Period

During this period we help you facilitate your finance, conveyancing, strata checks and pest and building reports. We may also undertake further negotiations with the seller if required.  

Step 5: Pre-settlement Period

Once you property goes unconditional, we can assist you in arranging insurance, property management and pre-settlement inspections. We will also assist you with anything else you need.  

Step 6: Settlement

We are with you right up until the final step. We continue liaising with your legal team, finance team and the seller to make sure you have a successful settlement. It doesn’t end there! Buying a property is not set and forget. We will regularly check in to see how your property is performing and whether your strategy needs adjustment.  

What Others Are Saying?

“These guys know what they are doing. At every step there’s someone to talk to and make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing”

– Mitch Sanders

“I have utmost confidence and respect for the Binvested team. Each purchase I made was well below market value and has gone through the roof!”  

- David Brae

“12 months ago I started with $60,000. Today I have 4 properties and over $120,000 in net worth thanks to Binvested”  

- Rowena Ebona

What’s The Investment? 

Even for pros like us, that’s quite a bit of work involved in steps 1 – 6. However, you will find our fee for all this is pretty good value.  

We charge just $12,990 inc. GST per PIA property. 

The majority of our PIA clients save more than this by using our services. The others recover the value of the fee from equity in the near future. 

It may seem a bit unusual to pay to buy a property, but it’s a very small investment to make when compared to financial dangers of buying the wrong property. Not to mention you will save so much time and energy! 

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